Bernadette and familySometimes, with all the pink, we forget that breast cancer isn’t a burden that women shoulder alone. Our husbands, dads, brothers, sons — they’re often behind the scenes lending strength and courage in the fight against breast cancer.

Bernadette was diagnosed with cervical cancer at the age of only 29. Subsequent genetic testing confirmed that she had inherited her mother’s harmful BRCA1 gene mutation, which increased her risk of breast and ovarian cancer as well. As a preventive measure, she opted for a complete hysterectomy, and then the removal of both breasts.

Bernadette’s husband was by her side through it all. “He was there for all my surgeries and my recovery. He took care of me,” she says. “Because I had both breasts removed at the same time, I was unable to do my normal duties. Even brushing my teeth was very difficult. He provided for all my needs and necessities. Everything that needed to be done.”

Despite a long history of health issues, Bernadette is remarkably upbeat. “I have a very loving, supportive husband and kids, so each step of the way has been all positive.”

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