Edith Sanford Researchers to Present at 2012 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium - Edith Sanford Breast Cancer Foundation

Edith Sanford Researchers to Present at 2012 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium

(Sioux Falls, SD) – The Edith Sanford Breast Cancer Foundation today released a schedule detailing research that will be presented by Edith Sanford Breast Cancer Research leaders at the 2012 CTRC-AACR San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium this week.

Brian Leyland-Jones, MB BS, PhD, director of Edith Sanford Breast Cancer Research, will present eight scientific abstracts highlighting emerging treatments for hard-to-treat cancers, such as triple negative breast cancer, and new insights on biologic targets and prevention.

Leyland-Jones will be joined by Edith Sanford associate scientists Pradip De, PhD and Nandini Dey, PhD, as well as staff scientist Yuliang Sun, MD, PhD.

Now in its 35th year, the annual symposium is the foremost gathering of scientists, physicians and health care professionals dedicated to eradicating breast cancer. It aims to achieve a balance of clinical, translational, and basic research, providing a forum for interaction, communication, and education for a broad spectrum of researchers, health professionals, and those with a special interest in breast cancer.

The details of the Edith Sanford Breast Cancer Research presentations are as follows:

Thursday, December 6, 2012
4:00 pm                General Session 4      (S4-4) Independent validation of Genomic Grade in the BIG 1-98 study. Sotiriou C, Ignatiadis M, Desmedt C, Veys I, Larsimont D, Viale G, Leyland-Jones B, Kammler R, Ditzel H, Regan MM, Piccart M, Michiels S.

5:00-7:00 pm       Poster Session OT2      (OT2-3-11) Tivozanib in combination with paclitaxel vs placebo in combination with paclitaxel in patients with locally advanced or metastatic triple-negative breast cancer. Mayer EL, Miller K, O’Shaughnessy J, Dickler M, Vogel C, Leyland-Jones B, Steelman L, Robinson M, Kuriyama N, Agarwal S.

Friday, December 7, 2012
9:45 am                General Session 5     (S5-2) HERA TRIAL: 2 years versus 1 year of trastuzumab after adjuvantchemotherapy in women with HER2-positive early breast cancer at 8 years of median follow up. Goldhirsch A, Piccart-Gebhart MJ, Procter M, de Azambuja E, Weber HA, Untch M, Smith I, Gianni L, Jackisch C, Cameron D, Bell R, Dowsett M, Gelber RD, Leyland-Jones B, Baselga J on behalf of the HERA Study Team.

5:00-7:00 pm       Poster Session OT3     (OT3-4-04) InVite: an observational pilot study evaluating the feasibility of genome-wide association studies using self-reported data from patients with metastatic breast cancer treated with bevacizumab. Faoro L, Barnholt K, Kiefer A, Yager S, Yi J, Turner B, Keane A, Wang L, Eriksson N, Milián M, Leyland-Jones B, O’Neill V.

5:00-7:00 pm       Poster Session 5          (P5-18-02) Selective crossover in randomized trials of adjuvant trastuzumab for breast cancer: Coping with success. Regan MM, Dafni U, Karlis D, Goldhirsch A, Untch M, Smith I, Gianni L, Jackisch C, de Azambuja E, Heinzmann D, Cameron D, Bell R, Dowsett M, Baselga J, Leyland-Jones B, Piccart-Gebhart MJ, Gelber RD.     

5:00-7:00 pm       Poster Session 5          (P5-19-03) Olaparib plus carboplatin in combination with vandetanib inhibited the growth of BRCA-wt triple negative breast tumors in mice: Outside BRCA-box.Dey N, Sun Y, De P, Leyland-Jones B.

5:00-7:00 pm       Poster Discussion 10  (PD10-03) Predictive value of a proliferation score (MS) in postmenopausal women with endocrine-responsive breast cancer: Results from International Breast Cancer Study Group (IBCSG) Trial IX. Sninsky J, Wang A, Gray K, Lagier R, Christopherson C, Rowland C, Chang M, Kammler R, Viale G, Kwok S, Regan M, Leyland-Jones B.

Saturday, December 8, 2012
7:00-8:30 am       Poster Session 6          (P6-04-11) Combination of PI3K-AKT-mTOR and MEK-ERK pathway inhibitors overcome acquired resistance to letrozole in ER+ breast cancer models.De P, Sun Y, Friedman LS, Chen S, Dey N, Leyland-Jones B.


About the Edith Sanford Breast Cancer Foundation

The Edith Sanford Breast Cancer Foundation is pioneering a bold new comprehensive approach to breast cancer, with a mission to unlock each woman’s genetic code, advance today’s prevention and treatment, and end breast cancer for future generations. Edith Sanford Breast Cancer is pursuing cutting-edge translational genomic research to identify specific treatments that will work best for each person, prevent the disease on an individual basis, and ultimately eradicate breast cancer. To accelerate the research and advances in care, a cornerstone of this ground-breaking organization is our biobank – a shared collection of genetic information from people of all ages, medical histories and backgrounds – that provides researchers easy access to data.

The launch of this movement began with a gift from Denny Sanford, who tragically lost his mother, Edith, to breast cancer when he was just four years old. For more information about the Edith Sanford Breast Cancer Foundation, visit edithsanford.org or call 1.855.GO.EDITH(463.3484).

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Sanford Health is the patient care and research partner of the Edith Sanford Breast Cancer Foundation, and the largest rural, nonprofit health care system in the nation with locations in 126 communities in eight states. In addition, this dynamic integrated health system is now developing international clinics in Ireland, Ghana, Israel and Mexico.

Sanford Health has been in service for more than 100 years and includes 35 hospitals, 140 clinic locations and nearly 1200 physicians in 70 specialty areas of medicine. With more than 25,000 employees, Sanford Health is the largest employer in North and South Dakota.

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