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Edith Sanford Research Team Presenting at ASCO Annual Meeting

(Sioux Falls, SD) – The Edith Sanford Breast Cancer Foundation today announced that the Edith Sanford Breast Cancer Research team will share new findings at the 2013 annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), which runs May 31 through June 4 in Chicago.

Brian Leyland-Jones, MB BS, PhD, director of Edith Sanford Breast Cancer Research, and members of the translational breast cancer research team, will present four scientific abstracts during the meeting, which will attract nearly 30,000 cancer specialists from around the world.

Their work will highlight new insights about the treatment of HER2 and triple negative breast cancer, two particularly lethal forms of breast cancer. Leyland-Jones will also be involved in a presentation discussing the results of a long-term assessment of trastuzumab-related cardiac events in women with HER2-positive early breast cancer.

ASCO is the world’s leading professional organization representing physicians who care for people with cancer. This year’s meeting, based on the theme Building Bridges to Conquer Cancer, features research that embodies the new era of precision medicine.

The details of the Edith Sanford Breast Cancer Research presentations are as follows:


Saturday, June 1, 2013

8:00 AM – 12 PM

  • Long-term (8 years) assessment of trastuzumab-related cardiac events in the HERA trial.

de Azambuja E, Procter M, Muschol M, van Veldhuisen DJ, Agbor-Tarh D, Metzger-Filho O, Steinseifer J, Untch M, Smith I, Gianni L, Baselga J, Jackish C, Cameron D, Bell R, Leyland-Jones B, Dowsett M, Gelber RD, Piccart-Gebhart MJ, Suter TM.


Monday, June 3, 2013

8:00 – 11:45 AM

  • Prognostic effect of EIF4EBP1 on ovarian cancer: A single gene biomarker for overall survival and platinum response.

Villalobos VM, Wang Y, Willis S, Leyland-Jones B, Sikic BI.


8:00 – 11:45 AM

  • Frequently deleted genes in ovarian cancer as indicators of platinum response.

Willis S, Villalobos VM, Young B, Sikic BI, Leyland-Jones B.


8:00 – 11:45 AM

  • A combination of dual PI3K-mTOR inhibitor, GDC-0980, with PARP inhibitor plus carboplatin blocked tumor growth of BRCA-competent triple-negative breast cancer cells.

Dey N, Sun Y, Carlson J, Friedman L, De P.


Abstracts Accepted for Publication:

  • Pan-PI3K and HER2 blockade results in antitumor activity in preclinical models of breast cancer resistance to trastuzumab therapy.

De P, Sun Y, Friedman L, Dey N, Leyland-Jones B.


  • Survival effects of erythropoiesis-stimulating agents (ESAs) in patients with breast cancer: a meta- analysis.

Leyland-Jones B, Aapro M, Möbus V, Nitz U, O’Shaughnessy J, Pronzato P, Untch M, Tomita D, Bohac C.


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