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Want better sleep? Give your bedroom a makeover

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By The Edith Sanford team

September 17, 2014

Is your bedroom in need of a makeover?

We’re not talking about the rugs and bed skirt. We’re talking the fundamentals that affect the quality of your sleep every night and your health every day. Being well-rested contributes to your overall well-being, which can help reduce your risk for diseases like breast cancer.

Read on for three ideas to boost your bedroom’s restful factor.

1. Set the right temperature

Not too hot, not too cold. It worked for Goldilocks, and it works for a good night’s sleep, too.

Many of us make the mistake of keeping our bedrooms either too warm or too chilly, meaning you will be roused from sleep to either warm up or cool down. A temperature between 65 and 75 degrees is optimum for better rest.

Another tip is to try bedding and sleepwear in natural fibers. Breathable cotton sheets and pajamas will help your body make the most of that “just-right” bedroom temperature.

2. Set the right tone

Setting the right tone in your bedroom, both literally and figuratively, is key to restful nights.

First, consider the paint color you choose. Vibrant reds and yellows may be your favorite for daytime, but painting your bedroom cool, soothing shades of light blue or green may help promote tranquility and calm.

Next, aim to keep the tone of your bedroom peaceful by limiting its use to sleep. Banish TVs, exercise equipment, laptops, kids’ toys and baskets of laundry — anything that could distract you or remind you of all of the chores waiting for you in the morning. Your room should be a retreat from the world, not an extension of all of its stressors.

3. Turn off the lights. All of them.

You settle into bed and turn off the lamp on your nightstand, but what about the rest of the lights in your room? Don’t forget about the light sneaking in between your blinds, from your digital clock, DVR and TV. It all adds up to enough light to disrupt your sleep, even if you don’t realize it.

You see, sleep is triggered by melatonin, but light blocks the production of melatonin. Even little bits of light can be sensed through your eyelids, telling your brain to wake up.

Step one to creating a dark, restful room is to take on the windows. If you live anywhere near a streetlight, regular curtains probably won’t do the trick. Invest in some good quality light-blocking drapes.

Step two involves covering up the pesky little lights on your TV and other electronics. Throw a blanket over your DVD player and turn your digital alarm clock toward the wall.

It doesn’t take a huge overhaul to increase the restfulness of your room. Take a few steps today to help boost the quality of your sleep – and overall health.

Source: National Sleep Foundation

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