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Superfood spotlight: tomatoes

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By The Edith Sanford team

March 27, 2014

TomatoesThis super vegetable (… or fruit…?) is a powerhouse of nutrients that can boost your immune system and aid in disease prevention.

Tomatoes are packed with lycopene, which works as a powerful antioxidant that may help protect cells from damage. They’re also rich in vitamin E and C, potassium, alpha- and beta-carotene, and even a little fiber.

Heat things up

How do you get the maximum cancer-fighting bang for your bite? You may be surprised to know that tomatoes are best for you when cooked or processed—like in sauces, pastes and purees. Heat breaks down the plant’s cell walls, unleashing the powerful compounds.

A powerful pair

Combining tomatoes with healthy fats, like olive oil or avocado, can help improve your body’s absorption of the antioxidants. Who knew? So go ahead and drizzle on some olive oil or add some to your guacamole. How about a homemade pizza?!

Think outside the jar

Forget the store-bought Ragu. When was the last time you made your own spaghetti sauce?

Italian food is best when kept simple, especially if the ingredients are fresh. Simply pour a little olive oil in a pan, brown some onions and garlic (also a superfood), then throw in your chopped tomatoes. Feel free to add whatever other veggies, spices or herbs you like (a little fresh basil at the end goes a long way). Cook down, salt to taste, and enjoy!

If you can’t eat ‘em, can ‘em

Trying to find a tasty tomato from the produce aisle in the winter isn’t easy. So when summertime rolls around, make the most out of your vegetables. Not only are tomatoes best in taste during the summer months, they’re also more nutritious.

So if you have your own garden and can’t find enough uses for the abundance of tomatoes, start canning. Canned tomatoes ensure you have your own healthy and tasteful tomatoes all winter long. They can be used in pastas, soups, or crock pots. Get even more creative by canning fresh tomato soup or salsa!

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