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Sneak in some daily cardio

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By The Edith Sanford team

March 10, 2014

Regular exercise is linked to a lower risk for breast cancer, as well as better survival rates for those who are undergoing treatment. But what if your typical schedule makes regular exercise a bit … challenging?

We can all relate, but being busy should never be an excuse for not taking care of our health, especially when there are so many ways to sneak in short bursts of activity throughout the day. Here are some of our favorite stealthy cardio tips!

Walking meetings

[Insert joke about meetings being waste of time here], but they don’t have to be! Whenever possible, schedule meetings that take place as you walk around the block, or through the corridors of your office building. You’ll rack up active minutes, break the monotony of sitting all … day … long, and, with any luck, spark some exciting new ideas for that project you’ve been slaving over!

Take the stairs

That elevator can seem so tempting. It’s right there and you’re wearing cute but impractical shoes, but just say no! Whenever possible, bypass the elevator and take the stairs. Even just a few trips a day will get your heart pumping and help build the muscles in your legs.

Park in the far lot

Ugh. Parking lots. All that circling to try to get a space close to your destination. But what if you could turn that frustration into opportunity? Instead of fighting for a near-by spot, head immediately to the far-edge of the lot. You’ll fit in extra minutes of walking and save yourself tons of aggravation. That’s what the pros call a “win-win.”

Commercial break!

Say you’ve had the longest day ever. Heading to the gym is unimaginable. All you want are lounge pants and your couch. Even those types of evenings don’t have to be a wash when it comes to cardio. You can exercise during the commercial breaks! Do some jumping jacks. Follow that up with crunches, high knee lifts or anything that gets your heart pumping. You’ll reap the benefits of some stolen cardio minutes while mitigating the guilt of being a couch potato. See above, re: “win-win.”

As you can see, there is a multitude of ways to sneak in cardio when your schedule isn’t cooperating. So next time you feel tempted to let yourself off the exercise hook, remember that you can always find a way to prioritize your health!

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