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Mood boosters to battle the winter blues

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By The Edith Sanford team

January 20, 2014

Winter can get awfully dull after the holiday lights come down. The festive part of the season is over, but there are still months of cold and snow standing between you and springtime. So how can you perk up your mood and ward off the winter blahs? We’ve assembled some of our favorite pick-me-ups to help make your days a bit brighter.139491604

Lighten Up

Dreary winter days and long winter nights can leave you longing for extra light. Brighten up your surroundings by switching out your light bulbs for stronger ones. You’ll likely notice that new CFL or LED bulbs are rated by lumens, and not the watts you’re used to.  Just remember that more lumens = a brighter bulb and get to surrounding yourself with more illumination.

Speaking of surrounding yourself, take a quick look at your wardrobe. If your winter “uniform” consists mainly of black, gray, ebony and charcoal, adding some bright colors may be just the ticket to boost your spirits. Incorporate pops of color with scarves, sweaters and jewelry in sunny hues of yellow and orange or springy blue and purple pastels. We know that color affects mood, so dress yourself accordingly!

Bring the Outdoors In

When the landscape is bleak, having a little green around can remind you that spring will eventually arrive. Bring in a few houseplants to add natural ambiance and cheer. Another fun option is to force bulbs for spring flowers all winter long. Here is a simple tutorial on how to force paperwhites for pretty blossoms that will definitely perk things up.

Another option for indoor greenery is a potted herb. A little planter of rosemary, basil or thyme on your windowsill will help brighten your mood and provide fresh flavor for cooking on even the coldest days.

pamper yourself

Pamper yourself

Sometimes the best remedy for the winter blahs is some good, old-fashioned pampering. Whether it’s a true spa day with a facial and warm stone massage or a thrifty home spy featuring a hot bath and new nail polish, taking the time to relax and re-energize yourself will take your mind off the calendar and help you focus on the little pleasures you can enjoy everyday.

For a different sort of pampering, visit your local botanical gardens or butterfly pavilion. These venues keep their temperatures warm all year round and you’ll be surrounded by all sorts of exotic and flowering plants. It’s a like a mini-vacation to the tropics without leaving town.

Almost everyone gets to the point where they’ve reached their limit with winter, but try a few of these suggestions to help ease your blahs and hang in there ‘til spring!

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