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Let the games begin!

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By The Edith Sanford team

February 11, 2014

hOCKEY1Feel the rhythm! Feel the ride! Get on up! It’s Olympics time!

Sochi may be thousands of miles away, but don’t just rely on watching your TV to get into the spirit of the games. Try gathering your family, your kids, or your friends and create your own Olympics! Some fun healthy competition is a great excuse to get outside and move those legs.

Here are just a couple event ideas to get started with:

The Sledding Luge – Make sledding into a multi-event competition. This could include both head-to-head and timed races between individuals or even multi-person sleds. If you really want to get creative, try building a luge or slalom course on a hill to add even more variety.

Bocce Ball Curling – If your yard isn’t covered by a foot of snow, get a set of bocce balls. Instead of using the traditional bocce rules, create a curling target in the backyard!

The Snowball Shot Put and Biathlon – Snowballs shouldn’t be just for fighting. Create some targets and see who has the best tossing abilities. In the Olympics, the biathlon consists of cross-country skiing and target shooting. Make your own biathlon by running around your own course in the snow and having to stop to hit targets with snowballs.

No snow? Substitute with tennis balls.

Hockey Make your own hockey game. Play the traditional way by actually getting on the ice, or just play a little broom ball in the driveway. And you might as well make two events out of it and throw in the hockey target shot to see who has the best stick skill.

The Sled Race – Grab a couple sleds and some rope. Separate into teams of two and have races by pulling each other on the sleds.

The Snow Build and Snowman –Make a snowman-building competition. Designate an impartial judge and see who can build the best snowman. Judging categories could include creativity, size, the roundness of balls or difficulty. Another idea similar to building a snowman is to divide into teams and see which team can roll the biggest snowball.

The winter games don’t have to be just for the athletes. What fun ideas do you have for some friendly outdoor competition?

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