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Julep: making a difference against breast cancer

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By The Edith Sanford team

October 29, 2014

jane-park-featuredQ&A with Jane Park, founder and CEO of Julep

From the beginning, the popular beauty brand, Julep, has been powered by girlfriends supporting and inspiring girlfriends.

The company’s founder and CEO, Jane Park, says its success proves that anything’s possible when women work together to do something they believe in.

Lately, Julep has been channeling that spirit into its partnership with the Edith Sanford Breast Foundation, and helping bring women together to make a difference in the fight against breast cancer.

What does the cause mean to you?

I’ve had two close friends who have won the fight against breast cancer. When you see it up close and personal and see how it can affect families and children, it’s really impactful. I think it’s important to help raise awareness and make sure there are resources to help more women beat this disease.

What drew you to the Edith Sanford Breast Foundation?

nail-polishWe could tell from the start that Edith Sanford shares Julep’s innovative spirit and commitment to the empowerment of women.

Through this partnership, we’re working to raise awareness and accelerate the pace of research. We’ve even worked together to develop the nail color, Edith, which honors breast cancer survivors.

What inspired you to start Julep?

I wanted to create a place where women could connect. A place of our own.

When you think about where men go to connect… there are sporting events and golf courses, but when I want to take a business colleague somewhere… none of those places appeal to me.

The whole idea was about enabling connection between women and creating a sense of community.

Why nail polish?

I love the fact that nail polish is about you.

I always joke that there’s no man who notices your nails, or comments, “Hey, great nail polish!” Compliments all come from other women, or it’s just about you looking at your own hands during the day. It’s really powerful what a little bit of color, and giving permission to take a few moments to take care of yourself, can do for your spirit.

How does Julep prioritize the health of its employees?

One fun thing we do here at Julep is Yoga Thursdays. We have a yoga instructor come in at lunchtime, which is really fun. We also encourage walking meetings and have organic fruits and vegetables set out every day.

You’re a mom and CEO of a fast-growing company. How do you do it all?!

I think one of the most important things to know is that no one has figured it all out. There are no rules. It’s up to us to try and do better every day than we did the day before.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Create your own mistake ritual. It could be walking around the block or getting a cup of tea, but get up and do something physical when there’s a mistake you’re dwelling on. Don’t sit there dwelling over the negative energy.

A great coach gave that advice to my son, and I realize that we all need it, especially women. We sometimes beat ourselves up and play mistakes over and over in our heads. I think it’s more healthy to recognize the mistake and say, “Look, here’s what I’m going to do differently next time.”

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