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4 ways to stay fit on vacation

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By The Edith Sanford team

July 2, 2014


Ah, summer vacation … You’ve been waiting all year to get away.

Whether you’re heading to an exotic location or a local campground, make sure relaxation doesn’t mean taking a vacation from the healthy habits you’ve been cultivating. You know that the steps you focus on the other 50 weeks of the year — smart nutrition and physical activity — are vital to helping reduce your risk of breast cancer, so we’re here to help keep you on track, even when you’re on the road.

Pack smart

It may sound too simple to warrant mentioning, but you can’t exercise on vacation if you don’t pack your gear. When you’re looking at limited space in your carry-on, it can be tempting to jettison your running shoes to make room for those adorable espadrilles.

Don’t do it! Make sure your shoes, shorts, tanks — whatever you need for your activity of choice — are given priority.

Plan ahead

Scout out the amenities near your destination so you can plan your workouts. Whether it’s a fitness center, walking trail or a lap pool, know what you’ll have access to and carve out time in your days to take advantage of new exercise locales.

Practice moderation

Try to balance your indulgences with smart choices (small portions of special treats, skipping the fries at that roadside diner, etc.) You’ll thank yourself when you return home and your work pants still fit!

Pick an active option

When it comes to deciding on your vacation plans, why not pick a trip with an active element? Opting to hike mountain trails or kayak the Northwest will make sure you’re moving. You’ll experience the extra benefit of being forced to sign off Twitter and Facebook and really enjoy your time away from the daily grind.

Taking a well-deserved vacation doesn’t have to mean breaking the healthy habits you’ve worked so hard to establish. Besides, you won’t have to make the effort to get back on track with diet and exercise if you don’t get off track in the first place.

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